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Teenage Zane presents a new Ray Ray story: The Devil’s Game.

In the streets of Chicago, people fear the fury between two rival gangs— the Eastside Boys & the Westside Boys. Ray, the leader of the Westside Boys, has a long track record with the law. Everything from assault to selling drugs was what his life revolved around. He had women by the dozens, but there was one that caught his undivided attention…….

Charde & Chantel, two sisters from the south side of Chicago, were enjoying the high school experience. Charde, the older sister & a senior, was the point guard for the high school girls’ basketball team. She was always scouted by colleges for her performance on the court & was an A-honor roll student, ranking number 1 in her graduating class. Chantel, a junior, was the complete opposite of her older sister. She made decent grades in school, but was not book-smart like Charde. Wherever a party was at, Chantel was right there. She loved the nightlife scene; it excited her. So when she runs into a person who’s had trouble with the law, it gave her a rush, despite the disapproval of Charde & their mom. She ignores it & her life quickly changes from crazy to out-of-control……

The story will be the talk of Team Mindless Tumblr, with its crazy plot twists, scary real-life situations, & a shocking ending that will have everybody saying, “OH. MY. GOD.” Once the Devil’s game has started, ending it will result in the ultimate sacrifice……

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