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~Mindlessly Jetsetting to the Jacob Jewels & Baddies
~I write X-rated stories & imagines (suitable for mature audiences only) & stories about the paranormal
~Future YouTube personality (Preshia1248)
~Future late night talk show host & erotic writer
~I am the one & only Teenage Zane (Zane is my idol)
~"I wanna be something in this life. Growing up in a small town in the country may make it seem impossible. But I'm willing to run those extra miles to get there."
~I have other social network accounts; just ask.
~Stay blessed & keep God first.

Gonna try to post a least one imagine tonight.

I disappeared on y’all again .-. not tonight though :) i got a new one I’m working on ;)


Anonymous asked: can you make a jacob latimore imagine? please?

o.o Erm, i guess :)

When you see your friend who did the assignment you forgot to do:




more relatable?



Get it, Auntie Chaka!

I’m convinced she’s at least Nicki Minaj’s aunt

(Source: blackculture)

I’m gonna do some imagines tonight and post them tomorrow, okay?

I miss writing them, and I KNOW y’all miss reading them ._. but school was beating the hell outta me.


The fact that I’m on right now from the school computer adsjof

They unblocked Tumblr EL OH EL. And I’m supposed to be doing my online class. I’m multitasking, niggas xD


krystal168 asked: Can u do more MB imagines for TMAD?

Um, I really wasn’t, but sure, but for tomorrow though :)

heyyyhuu asked: How do I see your imagined in tumblr

I have a link on my page that is called “Imagines For TMAD”

Anonymous asked: do you have a facebok?

Yes, but i don’t use it like that.

Anonymous asked: Hey -Roc

Hi :)

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